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Merry Christmas

7 Tips To Save Money and Time During Christmas Travel

Favorite time of the year is coming! Opening Christmas gifts with your family and loved ones is always a good idea. But traveling may be confusing and you may need tips for that. Just relax, we are here to share some secrets for stress-free, affordable trips.


1- Book Your Flight Tickets Earlier

Essentials first! The earlier the better. Book your flight ticket as early as you can. For last minute tickets, airline companies may charge you like a Rockefeller! During the season, purchasing your tickets 21 days before is enough to get cheap flights, but for holiday seasons - especially holidays like Christmas - purchasing as early as 3 months before is suggested by the top travelers.

2- Choose The Early Hour Flights

One hour in the morning is worth two in the evening. Airports will not be like the picture above during holidays. We face with cancellations or hours of delay at airports during Christmas Holiday. If you don’t live in a movie, it isn’t funny. If you don’t want to say “It would be a shorter trip by bus” book your Christmas tickets for early morning flights because they are less likely to be delayed. You can take a nap on the airplane. Statistics say most delays occur after 12 pm. Luckily airline companies are not generally willing to cancel flights during holidays barring severe air conditions.

3- Avoid Travelling on Peak Days

Here is a must: Avoid traveling on peak days! For this holiday on 23rd of December is the date that we should avoid traveling. If you can include the day before Christmas, traveling in the daytime of 22nd of December would be the best option. Also, late hours of the 22nd is not expected to be the most crowded time to travel.

Peak Dates of Christmas

In 2018 Christmas Holiday starts on 23rd of December (on Friday) and finishes on 6th of January (on Sunday) 2019.

4- Pack Smart

Everything you pack is a burden on you! Just pack your basics and must-haves and travel with only a backpack. In that way, you can pay less for airplane tickets, shorten time spent at airports, and minimize the risk of lost baggage. Preferring to buy small-sized gifts to family is the most brilliant idea for these situations. Shipping the gifts earlier can also be another less costly way to travel in Christmas season.

Merry Christmas

5- Search For Discount Codes

Before making any purchases or reservation, check for discounts and special promotions. You can use specific keywords like: “Christmas discount coupons in Seattle”, “discount code for hotel booking in London”. Most companies go on sale during holiday seasons.

6- Get Some Snacks


In case you get stuck in traffic, or wait long lines at airports packing some snacks may be really helpful. We can get angrier and more stressful when we are hungry. To be able to think right during this kind of holidays we don’t want to feel hungry.

7- Rent Your Car On Carla, Compare All Deals And Get The Best Deal For You

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