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Top 10 Cool Things to do in Berlin

Berlin is a vibrant city improving in the last 5 years. Berlin was selected to be a start-up hub in 2012 and since then the city has changed. Berlin is a laid back, energetic city with reasonable prices. As a tourist, you will enjoy Berlin. We are sure that you know about Check Point Charlie. We will unveil the cool things to do in Berlin.

1. Stay at 25hours hotel

It is a super cool hotel at the heart of Berlin. Nice decoration and a vibrant atmosphere. You will have a priority to enter Monkey Bar and Neni restaurant.

25Hours Hotel

2. Rent a Car in Berlin

Berlin is car friendly. Rental cars are cheap. You can check Berlin car rental deals on Carla. Parking is easy and free in most of the city. In residential areas, parking is free. You need to drive around alleys to find a spot and it usually takes 5 minutes to find a spot. At night, parking even in the center is free. You can park near touristic areas during day time for €2 per hour. Parking garages are around €15-20 per day. Drivers are respectful and traffic is reasonable. You will also save yourself from the cold weather of Berlin. People of Berlin say it is 11 months waiting for summer in Berlin.

Car rental in Berlin

3. Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar is the most popular place for locals and tourists. There will be a long line during the weekend even starting on Wednesday. It is the place to be. It is located on top of Bikini Berlin - Budapester Strasse.

4. Eat at Neni Berlin

Nice restaurant located near Monkey Bar. If you reserve a table at Neni, you don’t have to wait the long line of Monkey Bar.

5. Still hungry? Eat at L'Osteria

It is a great pizzeria with giant pizzas.

Car rental in Berlin

6. See the start-up scene

Work at a coworking space to see Europe’s most popular start-ups. If you are a startup enthusiast in Europe, then Berlin is the place to be. Betahaus, Factory, Silicon Allee are some of the coworking spaces also giving day passes.

7. Jogging at Tiergarten

Tiergarten is a huge city park spreading west from the Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag. Popular retreat within the park is the Café am Neuen See. The small lake Neuer See can freeze up in winter and provides a spectacular view.

8. Dance at Berghain & Panorama Bar

It is a techno club with a strict entry policy that clubbers have been trying to crack for years. There is a long line at the entrance. Best advice to get in Berghain, say hello to bouncers and to security and enter with confidence. Be yourself.

9. Visit Urban Nation Museum For Contemporary Art

City’s newest museums can be found in Schöneberg. You will have a chance to see around Schöneberg. Creative and imaginative works from local and international street artists.

Contemporary Art

10. Shop at Markthalle IX

It is an Indoor market with international food vendors and shops. Bonus is occasional community events.

City tip: Airbnb is banned by city of Berlin. Berlin implemented some of the world’s strictest laws for short-term rentals. The city made short-term rentals on platforms such as Airbnb illegal with fines of up to €100,000. Some Airbnb hosts claim that it is ok to rent their place. City of Berlin took this decision after the increase in rent prices. Rentals have increased by 40% in 6 months since renting on Airbnb is much more profitable.

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