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Did anyone say FREE upgrades? ⬆️

Yes - we did!

Carla has now launched an amazing feature that lets you upgrade your car after completing your reservation! Should you regret your original choice and wish to rent a bigger, smaller or cheaper car; you can simply upgrade by choosing the deal that matches your needs and even pay less.

Carla has introduced 3 upgrade opportunities for you who have already completed a reservation:

  • Pay Less: Get your rental car on discount and guarantee to have your price reduced - you may even choose a different company.
  • Free Upgrade: Get a bigger car / higher class for the same price.
  • Pay More: Go big and enjoy your trip with a bigger car / higher class for a small, additional payment.

Do not miss out on this unique feature - follow the guidelines below to benefit from these opportunities:

  1. Download the latest version of the Carla Car Rental app from The AppStore
  2. Complete a reservation through Carla.
  3. Go back to the app after a while and check for upgrade opportunities by clicking the ‘Upgrade’ button under the ‘Reservations’ tab in the menu bar.
  4. Select from the available opportunities shown on the screen and remember to check the rental details.
  5. Press ‘Confirm’ and wait for an upgrade confirmation email in your inbox.
  6. Enjoy your trip with a car that fits your needs! 🚘

Please note: The Upgrade Feature is currently only available for iOS Carla app users but will soon be introduced to Android users and our website!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Terms and Conditions:

To successfully upgrade your reservation, you must have enough funds to be charged an additional prepayment on the card used to complete the original reservation. Please note that the total price will be updated, depending on the chosen upgrade opportunity and may therefore decrease, increase or remain the same.

The renter must be sure to comply with the chosen car rental company’s Terms and Conditions, whether the company changes or remains the same during the upgrade. Please also make sure to check the address / location of the company upgraded to before completing the process.

The original rental’s Cancellation Policy will always apply to the new rental.

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