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Advantages of renting a car

  • Save time. Getting around with a car is faster than public transport. Less time spent for transportation = More time for discovering
  • Discover more. Travelers are limited when traveling around with public transport. You can see more attractions if you have a car.
  • Feel like a local. Driving in a city makes you feel you are part of it.
  • It’s cheaper. When you plan ahead, it seems that public transport is much cheaper. But the reality is most people miss the bus/train or get lost and end up with a taxi — that costs much more.
  • There are no taxis around. In US, it is almost impossible to find a taxi in most cities. In Europe, finding a taxi can be hard in suburbs and at night.
  • Don’t carry your luggage around. Trunk will do that for you. You will save cloak room expenses.
  • Door to door transportation.
  • No waiting times. Don’t wait for the train to arrive.
  • Bonus: Car rental is even cheaper with Carla Car Rental app. Check out the amazing deals.
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