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How to Rent a Car Avoiding Under 25 Fee

Good news is that under 25 fee will be waived if you’re renting from Surprise Suppliers on Carla Car Rental. There will be no young renters fee at the counter with under 25 fee waiver unique to Carla. To rent please follow the steps below:

  1. Enter your age before searching for cars on Carla.
  2. Choose a car from Surprise Suppliers. Supplier will be one of the major car rental companies.
  3. Enjoy the ride!

USA Car Rental Under 25 Fee, 2020

Carla Enterprise Alamo Avis Budget Dollar Thrifty Hertz National Sixt
Minimum Rental Age 21 years 21 years 21 years 21 years 21 years 21 years 21 years 21 years 21 years 21 years
Vehicle Rental Restrictions May only rent Economy through Luxury cars May only rent Economy through Full-size cars May only rent Economy through Full-size cars No car restrictions No car restrictions May only rent Economy through Luxury cars May only rent Economy through Luxury cars No Prestige Collection or no Adrenaline Collection cars May only rent Economy through Full-size cars Varies depending on location
Young Driver Fee Under 25 No additional fee $25 $20 $27 $27 $29 $29 $29 $21 $25-$30
New York State Surcharge (21 to 24 years old) No additional fee $20 $24 $35 $35 $35-45 $35-45 $35-45 $24.5 No Station in NY
New York State Surcharge (18 to 20 years old) $52 $57 $64 $84 $84 $52 $52 $52 $64.50 No Station in NY
Michigan State Surcharge (21 to 24 years old) No additional fee $25 $20 $27 $27 ** ** $29 $19 No Station in MI
Michigan State Surcharge (18 to 20 years old) $40 $40 $42 $40 $40 ** ** $52 $42 No Station in MI

**The terms and conditions may vary depending on the location you selected. Please directly contact the location for their under age policies.

If you have questions on your mind about renting a car, click here to get help from our customer experience team.

You can search all car rental companies at once and book the best value deal with Carla app.

The minimum age to rent a vehicle at most car rental locations in the United States and Canada is 21 years of age. Minimum age to rent a car in New York and Michigan State is 18 years of age.

Renting a car under 25 is possible with Enterprise, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Thrifty, Dollar, Hertz, E-Z Rent a car, Sixt and local companies.

Young boy driving

Enterprise Under 25 Fee Terms

The minimum age to rent a vehicle is 21 years of age; there is no maximum age restriction in the United States and Canada. See exceptions below.

  • A ‘Young Renter Fee’ may be applied to your rental, if you are between the ages of 21 and 24.
  • The average cost is approximately $20.00 per day but can be higher or lower based on the rental location.
  • Renters 21 through 24 years of age may only rent Economy through Fullsize cars

Exception: United States Government Employees — On Orders

  • A United States Government Employee can rent at 18 years of age, but must show the rental location his or her official orders.

Exception: Michigan

  • In Michigan, the minimum age to rent is 18 years of age as mandated by the state

Exception: New York State

  • In New York State, the minimum age to rent is 18 years of age as mandated by the state
  • Any driver 18–20 years of age will be charged an additional ‘Young Renter Fee’ of $57.00 per day
  • Any driver 21–24 years of age will be charged an additional ‘Young Renter Fee’ of $20.00 per day

Sixt Under 25 Fee Terms

A Young Driver Surcharge of between $14.99 and $35.00 per day, maximum of $279.98 per rental, applies for drivers between the ages of 21 to 24 in the United States.

Why am I charged under 25 fee?

A Young Driver fee (also called Under 25 or Underage fee) is a daily fee that compensates the rental car company for the extra risk of accidents when young renters (those under the age of 25) drive their vehicles. Statistically, drivers under the age of 25 are riskier. Accident rates decrease substantially after the age of 25, and the rental car companies cover this risk by charging a fee.

Is there a way to waive under 25 fee?

  1. Yes, book with car rental companies featuring under 25 fee waiver on Carla Car Rental app. The young driver fee will be waived for ages 20-24. Make sure you book a rental car on Carla saying “under 25 fee waived” or “no under 25 fee”. Carla members are eligible for underage waiver with many car rental companies.
  2. If you are a U.S. government employee on official government business, most rental companies will not charge the young driver fee.
  3. Enterprise under 25 fee waiver for USAA members. Under 25 fees are waived for members between the ages of 18 and 24 for Hertz and between 21 and 24 for Avis, Budget and Enterprise. Active, retired and honorably separated officers and enlisted personnel of the U.S. military are eligible for USAA membership. You have to be a member to benefit from the waiver.

I am under 18, can I Rent a Car?

Car rental companies do not rent cars if you are under 18.

How old do you have to be to rent a car in New York?

18 years old. In New York, travellers who are at least 18 years of age or older can rent a car with their drivers license. However, underage fees may applied to drivers who are between 18-24 years of age.

Never pay Under 25 fee again!

Save $25/day on car rentals. At least $300 value if you rent 3 times a year. Surprise car rental companies that waive under 25 fee are disclosed before booking. Rent a car if you are 20 years or older in all states. Rent a car in NY and MI states if you are 18 or older.

  • Avoid Under 25 fee.
  • See all car rental companies.
  • Rent a car even if you are 20 years old.

All these perks are included for the duration of your membership.

Disclaimer: Our aim here is to provide information as of March, 2021. While we did research in detail, Carla does not guarantee the information provided here. Rental car terms and conditions can change. Please check terms and conditions of the car rental company.

Guest Author: Alexa Leskys

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