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Useful Tips For A Better Car Rental Experience For Your Summer Holiday!

GPS is a good idea

Summer holidays and sunny days are approaching! With the plane tickets in your hand, it's time to rent a car to enjoy your vacation. Here are some tips for renting a car abroad, avoid the inconveniences and enjoy your holiday.

General terms and conditions page is the main point

We don’t want you to have bad surprises at the time of pick-up. So consider the reading of the “General Terms and Conditions" as a well-doing knowledge.

Before creating a reservation, it is important to decide about the destination and be aware of the weather conditions during the rental period. Especially in summer, it is certain that you will need a car with A/C. For the other amenities like GPS or baby seat, for example, do not forget to make a request in advance to ensure availability at the time of pick-up. Since the additional accessories can be bought at the counter, they may not be available especially in high seasons.

Have knowledge of potential fees

It is also important to decide whether to return the car to the same place as before. If not, one-way charges apply which should be paid to the agency. If you are under 25, young driver fees may also apply. Every car rental company has different restrictions and conditions. And these conditions may differ from each country. That’s the reason why it is important to read all the terms and conditions page before completing a reservation.

Travel abroad

Safety first! Every car rental company has additional cover and insurance options. It is also important to hold a view of motorway tolls as well as cross-border taxes if you are planning to travel abroad with a rental car

The main driver should not forget to bring the important documents necessary to pickup the car such as your international credit card issued in the driver's name, passport, driving license and the voucher.

Please note that the prepayment/Debit Cards are not accepted by majority off car rental companies.

Do not ignore "limited mileage" or unlimited information. Just be sure to check the restrictions and if you wish, contact Carla’s customer service representatives for the firsthand information.

Everything is done and you are ready to start your trip. Before leaving the counter, we highly recommend you to check the condition of the car and mention on the contract if there is an existing damage.

Here are all the main points that you need to know for making your car rental in summer painless.

Enjoy your trip!

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