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Carla partners with RentalCover for car rental insurance

Car rental companies often offer the minimum in terms of car rental insurance; the liability insurance. The insurance is not always mandatory in certain countries but is a big chunk of expense when you travel especially in unpleasant cases of an accident or theft. Without having an insurance for your rental car, you may sometimes find yourself paying out of pocket the cost of repairs of the rental car, which can amount to several thousand euros/dollars.

Traffic accident

Car rental companies’ insurance options may confuse you. Especially, due to their sales target, the insurance options can sometimes be complicated and it may markup the price more than you expect.

Car rental companies’ insurance covers you in the event of an accident or damage to your vehicle. Basic, third-party insurance is included in the price of your rental, but it obviously does not cover all damages. It will include exclusively:

  • the material damage caused to the third party and his vehicle
  • the bodily injury caused to the third party in the event of an accident

We offer comprehensive full protection cover with which has no deductible and absolutely no exclusions.

To avoid bad surprises at the counter, we are now working with! Rental Cover is a part of Cover Genius, a distributor of insurance policies for the largest global internet companies. Rental Cover provides insurance for your rental car including full protection against costly damages, theft and supplementary protection such as lost keys, headlight repairs, flat tires and more. aims to fully protect their customers from over-inflated repair bills from rental companies and their overpriced insurance which mostly has hidden exclusions and costs. With Rental Cover, you can purchase your insurance package 40% less priced compared to rates sold at the counter. Please note that car rental companies will ask for a deposit even if you purchase from Rental Cover since it is processed by a third party.

Your Rental Cover insurance can be modified or canceled with full refund until the pickup time. If your travel plans change, Rental Cover allows the customers to extend their coverage any time. So you can enjoy your travel without worrying about rental companies overcharging you for damages!

Rent a car with rental cover

On Carla, we show purchase option after selecting a car. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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