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How to save at least €500 on your trip to Florence
Renting a car will save you at least €100 in total and you will not have to pay that hefty taxi fee because you missed the train.
Carla Team @ Collision Toronto This Week
This week, from May 20th - 23rd, Carla will be at the Collision conference in Toronto.
Italy Car Rental Tips
Italy car rental tips on Renting a car in Italy as an American Citizen, advantages of renting a car, picking the right car rental category, ZTL, tolls, gas and parking prices.
Top 10 Cool Things to do in Berlin
Berlin is a vibrant city improving in the last 5 years. Berlin was selected to be a start-up hub in 2012 and since then the city has changed. Berlin is a laid back, energetic city with reasonable prices. As a tourist, you will enjoy Berlin
Travel Tips in Paris
Paris is one of the biggest cities in Europe to visit. A weekend is definitely not enough to see the city. We suggest you to spend at least 5 days to visit not only the city center but also the landmarks of the city like Disneyland and Palace of Versailles. Renting a car may make it easier for you to get a feel of the city and its outskirts.
Car Rental at Port of Miami
Summer is coming and Miami is one of the most favorite locations for a summer vacation. If you plan to arrive Miami via a cruise ship, this how you can pick up your rental car!
Similar Concept in Car Rental Industry
The car you selected during the online reservation process may not be available when you arrive at the rental counter to pick it up. This is because specific cars are mostly not guaranteed by rental companies.
How to Travel for Super Bowl LIII
The biggest game of the year Super Bowl LIII will take place in Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on February 3rd.
How to Avoid Cross-Border Fees in Car Rental
In this blog we curate cross-border fees from the most visited locations such as UK, continental Europe, Canada and the USA.
"Must-Known" Traffic Rules in the USA
Okay, the basic traffic rules are similar with the rest of the world. You shouldn’t drive, if you drink alcohol; seatbelts must be worn, always use the signals even if there is no car around you... Nobody knows when a driver got a ticket because of the rules below, but still, we want to warn you before you honk someone else’s car horn.
7 Tips to Save Money and Time During Christmas Travel
Favorite time of the year is coming! Opening Christmas gifts with your family and loved ones is always a good idea. But traveling may be confusing and you may need tips for that. Just relax, we are here to share some secrets for stress-free, affordable trips.
Top 5 Destinations for Thanksgiving Holiday
Thanksgiving day is approaching. On Thursday, November 22, we are all looking forward Thanksgiving dinner as a tradition around a good turkey and also for the holiday.
Car Rental Insurance Rentalcover is Now Available on Carla
Car rental companies often offer the minimum insurance possible, liability. Carla partnering with RentalCover now includes comprehensive insurance much more affordable than counter price.
Pack Your Bags for a Great Adventure: Top Destinations in USA
The choices of itineraries and getaways to travel to the United States are endless. Here are the top pick destinations that you can consider for your next summer vacation.
Car Rental in the UK
Tips and information about car rental and driving in the UK.
How to Rent a Car with a Debit Card
Renting a car with debit cards can get tricky if you do not know the terms of the car rental supplier. The following guidelines will make it easy for debit card holders to rent a car hassle-free nextime.
Low Cost Car Rental - Keddy by Europcar
Presented in more than 140 countries, Europcar provides its customers with one of the largest car rental networks through its online network as well as its partners and franchises. The interest of the customers is at the heart of the group's mission and comes to nourish the innovation and the development of the services of the company.
Car Hire with Cross Border
Renting a car for traveling abroad can sometimes be very useful if you are planning to travel to neighboring countries.
Useful Tips for a Better Car Rental Experience for Your Summer Holiday!
Summer holidays and sunny days are approaching! With the plane tickets in your hand, it is time to rent a car to enjoy your vacation.
Drive Your Dream Car: Lamborghini Huracan for Less Than You Imagine
Drive Lamborghini Huracan for 15 minutes starting from Dubai Movenpick Ibn Battuta Hotel available on 3–10–14–21 May
The Best Destinations for Easter Holiday
Easter holiday has arrived. It’s a good opportunity to take a little break and have a great time with your family.
How to Travel for Super Bowl
Super Bowl LII will be the 52nd Super Bowl and the 48th modern-era National Football League championship game.
How to Avoid Additional Driver Fees
It is crucial to add all drivers to your rental contract because of insurance or damage waiver issues. If a driver who is not listed on the contract gets into an accident, you may not be covered for the damage.
How to Rent a Car with Keddy?
Keddy by Europcar is a brand of Europcar. Keddy car hire does not have a website.
How to Find a Car Rental Near Me and Get the Best Deal
Easiest and cheapest way to find a car rental near me is to go to car rental comparison apps to book a car rental deal.
Port of Miami
Car rental at Port of Miami is available with Enterprise, Hertz, Alamo, Budget and Thrifty using the free shuttle service.
Car Rental Deposit and Debit Card Policy
Car rental companies have different debit card and deposit policy. Find out the basics of debit card and deposit policy.
How to Rent a Car Avoiding Under 25 Fee (for USA)
Are you under 25? Here, you can compare the policies of different car rental companies about you! (for USA)
How to Rent a Car Avoiding Under 25 Fee (for Europe and UK)
Are you under 25? Here, you can compare the policies of different car rental companies about you! (for Europe and UK)
Car Rental 101
What you have to know before renting a car? Frequently asked questions of car rental.
Car Rental Tips from Carla
The golden tips of a car rental from Carla, simple and convenient way of car rental, one of the best mobile apps for ios and android
Rental Cars for Any Budget
Meet Carla, simple and convenient way of car rental, one of the best mobile apps for ios and android
Advantages of Renting a Car
Find out the advantages of car rental! It would be more convenient than you think.
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